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Investment Consulting

As with any journey, you and your advisor will need to take stock of exactly where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and what assets can be brought to bear before charting a course.  As an independent firm, Security First Advisors does not offer proprietary investment products.  We maintain a fully independent and objective vantage point to provide investment advise on asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction all focused on the specific needs of each client. 

Set Goals:

The one thing your investment plan can't function without having is, YOU.  Our process follows an intentional set of steps that centers around what is most important to you.  We will help you articulate goals and dreams while defining appropriate measures for success.  This is accomplished by developing a total wealth profile that encompasses your entire financial picture.  

Asset Allocation:

Perhaps the most important step in determining your portfolio’s overall performance is the asset allocation. Research has shown that over 90% of the variation in total returns is due to the portfolio’s asset allocation. Here our education, experience, and training truly come into play. With the right asset allocation strategy, you can potentially reduce risk while maintaining a desired level of return or conversely potentially increase return while maintaining a given level of risk. Consequently, our process of considering your investment objectives and investor profile, will allow us to help you choose a mix of asset classes and styles that will fit your personalized investment portfolio.

Investment Selection:

The next step in this process is to select the specific investments that make up your portfolio. Just as with any ship using the wrong sail under certain conditions can lead to disastrous results, improper investment allocation can also lead one to end up on the rocks. Proper asset allocation of your investment dollars among equities, fixed-income, and cash according to your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and market conditions is vital in determining your long-term investment results

 Portfolio Review:

It is imperative that we periodically review your portfolio with you as part of a monitoring process. As part of that process we will help you review your investment portfolio and keep you apprised of major developments that may affect your investment choices or asset allocation. While maintaining your portfolio we watch for market opportunities throughout economic cycles and changing market conditions in order to provide, if necessary, qualified advice on how and when to rebalance your portfolio

Active Management

We apply a healthy dose of skepticism to the latest trends and results that are to good to be true. Rather, our focus places our emphasis on solutions that offer constructive risk-and-return exposure that will help each client reach their financial goals.  Our approach involves identifying and favoring managers that can be nimble and adaptive to mitigate risk. 

Investment Process that Centers on You

Our Investment Consulting service starts with you and focuses on your individual needs.  Throughout our process we will listen and talk with you until we gain a complete wealth profile that encompasses your entire financial picture.  It is important to us that we see your vision and understand what meaningful results look like to you.  From there we can build customized, dynamic, and long-term strategies in pursuit of your desired results. 

Impact Investing

Call it socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, green investing, or impact investing, we have develop process that help clients reach their financial goals and make a difference with their money.  Working through investment managers, we can help clients invest in companies that contribute to a clean, healthy environment, treat people fairly, embrace equal opportunity, and support efforts to promote a more peaceful world.

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